A pool renovation can be a simple facelift, or it can be a whole lot more. Just need to replace the liner? No problem. Ready to add some exciting new features? We can do that too. No matter how old your pool is, or what the design, we can transform it into the pool of your dreams.

Remodeling of Existing Pools

When it comes time to upgrade the look of your pool, a renovation may be needed and can provide an updated look to your existing pool. There is an extensive variety of selections in tile, coping, caulk, paint, etc. to update your existing pool and get it back in premium condition.

Repairs and Upgrades to Equipment

When something breaks, or you are interested in the latest technologies to enhance your pool experience, we are available to help you in either way. Whether it is upgrading a salt system, integrating a pool heater or installing an Intellitouch system to control your pool’s settings, we are available to quote, repair and install the desired items.

Vinyl Liner Replacements

When the time comes to replace your vinyl liner, be assured that there are plenty of selections for its replacement. There are numerous designs to choose from and you can choose from a 20 or 27 mil liner that will last for years to come.

Some of Our Remodeled Pools