Pure Water Pools can help guide you through the pool building process. Below is a detailed outline of the order, and the processes Pure Water Pools executes in designing, building and finishing your backyard pool.

1. Design the Pool

We can guide you through the process of deciding on the size, shape, and depth of your pool. Will you want a basic rectangular pool or a custom pool with water features and a heater? We can help you build the pool that you want and will enjoy for years to come.

2. Submit for Permits

We will contact and get the appropriate permits needed to build your pool. In some cases, you may need to contact your local home owner’s association and obtain the proper authorization to build a pool.

3. Excavation

Once all permits are in hand, we will begin setting form boards to get the desired shape of pool and start digging to remove dirt. The dirt from the pool can be hauled away to a dump site, or sometimes can be used to re-grade the yard.

4. Steel and Plumbing

Once the shape of pool is excavated, plumbing the pool is the next step. Pool skimmers, main drains and returns are all plumbed back to the equipment and held under pressure. Once plumbing is complete, stone is placed over the plumbing while awaiting the steel rebar to be formed over the entire pool. The steel rebar gives the pool shell its strength.

5. Electric

A licensed electrician will bond the steel grid and provide electric from homeowners current electric panel to the pool equipment.

6. Installation of Pool Shell

The pool shell is then sprayed on with shotcrete — a process which is done with a much stronger PSI than normal concrete. This process can be formed and shaped, giving it the ultimate design potential.

7. Tile and Coping

The pool tile and coping, selected by homeowner, are installed on the pool shell. There are many options, in both tile and coping, allowing the homeowner to get the exact look that they desire for their pool.

8. Pool Decking

The decking around the pool, selected by the homeowner, is then installed. There are many options for decking–ranging from stone pavers to broom finish concrete and stamped concrete, etc.

9. Interior Surface

The interior surface of the pool, selected by the homeowner, is then applied over the sprayed concrete shell giving the surface a smooth finish. There are many options from white plaster (basic) to a wide variety of aggregate finishes.

10. Fill the Pool

The pool is then filled with water and the equipment is started. The pool would be finished at this point and ready to enjoy!

New Concrete Pool Construction

Concrete pools are more durable and allow unlimited design capabilities. Tanning ledges, custom designed steps, and raised spill over spas are just a few ideas that can uniquely be designed to fit almost any backyard. With new advancements in interior surface materials, concrete pools can be made to blend into the landscape design.

New Vinyl Pool Construction

The cost of a pool is a major factor in the decision process of choosing what type of pool you would like to have. Learning about all of your options becomes critical. We have found most often, budget conscious buyers are choosing a in-ground vinyl pool. Vinyl pools are less expensive in terms of labor and materials, but with technology advances and the increased design capabilities, you are sure to find exactly what you want.

Some of Our New Pools

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